The Gayest Compilation Ever Made Volume 1

Everyone Is Gay      

The Gayest Compilation Ever Made Volume 1

The songs on this album were written and recorded by our wonderful friends to help further the work of Everyone is Gay. All proceeds go toward the continuation and expansion of resources for queer and trans youth and their families! For more information please visit

In case you're worried about credit card statements and/or packaging outing you: never fear! All items are shipped in packaging that read MerchNow and credit card statements also only reflect MerchNow and the amount charged. <3

  1. Bess Rogers - Everyone Is Gay (except for me)
  2. Jenny Owen Youngs - The Ballad of Kristen & Dannielle (An Abridged History of Everyone Is Gay Dot Dome)
  3. Mike Doughty - Gay As Fuck
  4. Vintage Gramma - My BFF'Z Graight
  5. Lightyear - It's Time
  6. Dan Romer - Love Who We Love
  7. A Great Big World - Everyone Is Gay (acoustic version)
  8. Ingrid Michaelson - Free
  9. Charlene Kaye - I'd Go Gay (for Tiny Fey)
  10. Greg Laswell - Everybody'zzzzz Gay
  11. Leila Broussard - Super Fucking Gay (Stay Gay)
  12. Krannielle - Seeing The Forest For The Trees (a rap about cats)

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